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The 2020 CES has ended wonderfully in Las Vegas on January 10th, US time. Global players gathered together. Major manufacturers have launched innovative products and technologies to attract the attention of the audience and the media.

The annual CES Consumer Electronics Show is not only an important window for products released by major technology companies around the world, but also sets the tone for the technology trends and lifestyles in the next year or even years.
This year's CES focused on key areas such as 5G applications, artificial intelligence (AI), and smart homes, and a lot of interesting "black technology" that surprised everyone. Although it is impossible to see the professional audio and lighting products, the technical concepts and development trends may give some thoughts and enlightenment to the peers in the professional audio industry. Let's take a look at the 2020 CES audio equipment inventory today.
TWS headphones
The full explosion of TWS headsets may have begun in 2020. As you can see from CES, in addition to mobile phone manufacturers, a large number of traditional headset manufacturers, such as Edifier, JBL, Audio-Technica, etc., have also launched TWS headset products.
Harman Kardon
FLY TWS :: powerful performance, small size


■ QuietPoint ATH-ANC300TW, the first true wireless headset with active noise reduction function In order to achieve "ideal balance of environmental noise reduction and audio performance". In addition, it also supports ambient sound mode.
■ In terms of sound quality, the built-in 5.8mm drive unit and carbon film diaphragm can provide faster response time and reduced distortion, improve high frequency extension and clarity, and have a good bass effect.
■ QuietPoint ATH-ANC300TW is also greatly discounted in terms of battery life due to joining ANC. It is 4.5h, with a charging case totaling 18h.
Three new TWS products: focusing on noise reduction technology and sound quality

■ Includes two true wireless headphones RZ-S500W and RZ-S300W of the RZ series and a new true wireless earphone EAH-AZ70W released by Technics, a high-end audio brand of Panasonic.
■ Both RZ-S500W and RZ-S300W use independent Bluetooth connection solutions with left and right earplugs, built-in MEMS microphone, and IPX4 waterproof rating. Among them, RZ-S500W is equipped with dual mixed noise cancellation technology, which combines feedforward noise cancellation and feedback noise cancellation, and supports mixed analog / digital audio processing technology.
■ EAH-AZ70W has the same noise reduction and waterproof performance as RZ-S500W, the advantage is reflected in the sound quality: the earphone adopts Panasonic ’s newly developed 10mm dynamic driver and cavity design, and the drive unit uses a graphene coating, which can be improved. Treble output effect.
LIVE 300TWS, TUNE 220TWS: respectively focus on sports, noise reduction and comfort

■ JBL LIVE 300TWS adopts JBL's consistent in-ear earphone design, built-in dual noise reduction microphone for calls, with IPX5 sweat and water resistance rating, battery life of up to 20 hours (single battery life 6h for fully charged headset, 14h charging case), support Google Assistant And Alexa.
■ JBL LIVE 300TWS also supports TalkThru and environment awareness, which can temporarily reduce the playback sound through the touch earbuds, which is convenient for talking with people and listening to background noise.
■ JBL TUNE 220TWS makes an exception to the bean sprout design similar to AirPods. The metal finish at the earplugs makes it more comfortable to wear. In terms of sound quality, it has a built-in 12.5 mm driver unit and JBL Pure Bass Sound blessing. It supports hands-free calling and has a battery life of 19h.
True wireless noise canceling headphones

China's original earphone brand 1MORE Wanmo earphones participated in the CES show for the fifth time. At the CES show in 2020, 1MORE's new acoustic black technology was fully presented, and sports / noise reduction headphones also appeared at the show.
■ Main sports interaction, health detection, taking into account the long-term battery strength
■ Use touch operation to simplify the operation. With the infrared intelligent sensor, when you remove the earphones from your ears during the music playback, the music will be automatically paused, and it will automatically play after you wear it. Don't miss any exciting music.
■ Using 14.2mm large-diameter moving coil unit, with both subwoofer acoustic design, deep dive and solid sound quality for power blessing. Support AAC HD Bluetooth sound quality
■ The headset can be used for 7 hours when fully charged; the headset and charging box can last for up to 30 hours when fully charged. The headset's IPX6 is waterproof and not afraid of sweat and rain.
New sports TWS with upgraded protection level

■ Shortly after IFA launched the Jabra Elite 75t, Jabra brought an upgraded version of the Jabra Elite Active 75t at this CES, focusing on upgrading durable and sweat-resistant coating materials, and the protection level reached IP57.
■ Built-in noise-cancelling microphone is built in the headset, and the Jabra MySound app can be used to create a personalized sound function. The headset has a battery life of 7.5h, and the charging box can last up to 28h.
Altec Lansing
Push four TWS

Computer and home audio device manufacturer Altec Lansing introduced four new TWS products at CES, including two earplug TWS and two earhook TWS.
■ Altec Lansing Nano Pods features stylish and colorful colors, IPX5 waterproof function, earphones last for 4 hours, and a charging case for a total of 20 hours.
■ The MZX559 Nano Pods feature a compact design, known as "the smallest TWS", IPX5, Bluetooth wireless connection range of up to 50 feet, battery life of 4h, and a total of 20h with a charging case.
■ MZX659 True Evo2.0 focuses on sports, long battery life, wireless connection range of 30 feet, IPX6 waterproof, but headphones last 7 hours, wireless charging storage box can charge an additional 10 times, the total battery life is up to 80h.
■ MZX759 True Evo Sport focuses on sports and high sound quality, with luminous ear hooks, making you the brightest boy in the night running team. The headset has a built-in 6mm neodymium driver, a wireless connection range of 30 feet, IPX6 water resistance, the headset has a battery life of 6h, and the charging box can be recharged 5 times.
Huami Technology
True wireless sports heart rate headset Amazfit PowerBuds, smart sleep earbuds Amazfit ZenBuds

■ Wireless Sports Headphones Amazfit PowerBuds is Huami ’s first wireless sports headphones. It uses sensitive rubidium magnets and high-end composite diaphragms, and has specially designed a beat enhancement mode for sports scenes to increase the volume of bass beats. It is equipped with a PPG heart rate sensor, which can monitor and voice broadcast heart rate to prevent accidents. Amazfit PowerBuds also has IP55 waterproof and supports noise reduction function.
■ Amazfit ZenBuds In order to reduce the foreign body sensation so as not to affect sleep, the design is very compact, and the weight of one ear is only 1.78g. Built-in sensors can monitor the user's sleeping posture, sleep quality, record sleep status and stage, generate sleep analysis reports, and the headset also has a built-in "private alarm clock" function.
■ Mini rechargeable button battery for earphones, 12 hours of battery life in a single use, with charging storage box, provides an additional 7 battery life, which is about once a week.
Aonic 215

Shure, a manufacturer of microphones / microphones, headphones, and audio electronics, has announced a new line of consumer-grade wireless headphones Aonic at CES, including Aonic 215, a true wireless headset.
The Aonic 215 is equivalent to the SE215 of a true wireless headphone module, and more like turning the SE215's neck-mounted headphone cable into a body that hangs behind your ears. The earphone adopts the mmcx interface, which is compatible with the SE215 and other manufacturers' mmcx interchangeable earphones. At the same time, the earphone is equipped with a charging box module, supports the ambient sound mode, and has a single battery life of 8h.
CES summary
TWS earphones: good sound quality, clear calls, powerful AI capabilities, comfortable wearing, stable connection, long battery life, and cheap prices ... In this series of uncovered needs, mobile phone manufacturers and headset manufacturers are thinking about how better Improving the level of craftsmanship and craming complex circuits and components into small earphones. Are there any other possibilities to enhance the competitiveness of TWS earphones?
Many mobile phone manufacturers focus on improving the AI ​​call noise reduction capability of TWS headsets, and at the same time improve the Bluetooth connection efficiency through self-developed wearable chips. Especially under the premise that mobile phone manufacturers generally deploy AI, TWS headsets are also firmly tied to smart voice assistants with their wearable features.
As the earphone (sound) manufacturer that meets the two requirements of "sound quality + noise reduction" most of the time, most of the TWS earphone capabilities introduced are also concentrated in their own old businesses. For example, Audio-Technica specially designed a set of noise reduction technology for TWS headphones, while Panasonic armed the newly developed 10mm dynamic driver and new acoustic design on TWS headphones.
Smart speaker
Covestro Smart Speaker

■ Audio resonant cavity and structural parts are made of Makrolon® PC material. This material has the excellent hardness, dimensional stability, creep resistance, low moisture absorption, heat resistance and high flame resistance of traditional PC materials. It is used in smart speaker cabinets and can provide stability for products. Support and protection. On the other hand, Covestro Makrolon® PC particularly enhances the rigidity and noise reduction effect of the material, making it an ideal choice for audio resonators and structural parts.
■ Makrolon® PC material is also used in high-end audio brands that seek design, such as Little Bird Audio. Its biggest advantage is that it can better solve the contradiction between the beautiful, compact, beautiful design and high sound quality of current smart speakers. .
■ Adopt a classic cylindrical design, the sound is more stable and more comfortable than the hundreds of smart speakers we experience everyday.
Rouyu surround touch screen audio

The audio name released by Rouyu at this CES conference is the Mirage smart speaker. It has an 8-inch AMOLED flexible touch screen that can cover most of the main body of the device. The screen supports touch control. It can display text at a large angle, such as song change and pause. Information such as pictures and videos provide users with large-screen wide-angle visual effects and an immersive audio experience. The combination of flexible screens and smart speakers is the first attempt.

Using the characteristics of flexible screens, audio products of various shapes can be covered with flexible screens in the future, which will bring different visual impact to people through the change of screen colors.

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